A complete toolkit for operationalizing business analysis.

The process of moving from business analysis to solution deployment is broken.

Using a single platform to model your decisions, simulate outcomes, deploy real-time applications and evaluate performance reduces friction and increases agility for your business.

Provide a power tool for Business Analysts

Put the power of real-time decisions into the hands of your business analysts. The scalability, ability to handle complex data and language sophistication is simply missing from most existing tools. Capturing production data in all of its detail, scaling to millions of data points and executing analytically informed decision strategies is now critical to improving business performance.

Establish a new level of data modeling, logic sophistication and performance that exceeds most production application environments. Not only can business analysts model their decisions in detail, Modelshop has the power to turn those models around so they can help run the business, with unprecedented flexibility, visibility and control.

Instantly deploy real-time decisioning

Modelshop is much more than an analysis tool. Its real-time APIs are designed to bridge the gap between analysis and powering decisions across the thousands or millions of transactions that are the lifeblood of your business. By taking the same decision logic and rules used to simulate performance and deploying them to drive real-time decisions, you can deploy strategy changes quickly and without a costly, time consuming and error prone coding step.

Business that can convert insight from their data into real-time decisions have a tremendous competitive advantage. With Modelshop you have that agility, while still leveraging the visibility to carefully control what policy gets deployed when through integrated configuration management, audit trails and full access controls. Now you can compress months of policy change development, coding, testing and deployment into mere minutes to deploy a new strategy.

"Modelshop gives us full flexibility to determine how credit decisions are made. The speed with which we can run simulations and test new rules means that we can deliver a great customer experience through our application." -Sonia Steinway, President Outside Financial

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