Automate Smart Applications for Investment Services

Modelshop provides a powerful alternative for fundamental market analysts looking to improve investment analysis and construct high performance portfolios

Investment analysis with multi-factor simulation to help analysts predict the future

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Leverage high-dimension industry and asset data to accurately estimate future cash flows

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Create investment objectives and auto tune acquisition and harvest strategies

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Measure model performance over time to improve accuracy and identify faulty assumptions

Performance Tracking

Move models to the cloud and where it is inherently real time, enabling users to automatically monitor forecast performance, compare to actual values and improve outcomes over time. This continual feedback loop helps analysts discover hidden bias and improve techniques.

Automation Tasks

Import, transform and take action with data automatically. Modelshop can handle data from a wide array of sources, including databases, spreadsheets and web services . Analysts can define the logic to refine it into useful output, permanently automating the process, saving time and money.

Audit Tracking

Use a built in audit trail for compliance reporting. Model logic changes are automatically attributed and checked in to version control. Provide full visibility into when specific changes were made to the model and the ability to revert to previous versions.

Advanced Analysis

Create variables, business rules and statistical features with a unique calculation engine that feels as easy as working in a spreadsheet, enabling business users to find hidden relationships, meaning, and insight from their data.

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