AI Powered Decisions for Credit Underwriting Income Estimation Personalized Pricing Cash Flow Modeling Lending

Unleash your lending potential with a no code decision engine that is easy to implement and infinitely flexible.

Why innovative credit unions, banks, and lenders are choosing Modelshop

Our game-changing decision engine enables a level of speed, flexibility and automation previously unavailable, deployed at a lower cost than traditional options.


We make an impact
where it matters...

Modelshop has been building lending decision engines that blend credit and banking data for over a decade.

Our priority has been to help our clients achieve their business goals without the need for additional technology resources. 

We achieve this with our no code decision platform and a white-glove customization engagement that gets clients into production 10x faster and more cost effectively than traditional decision automation projects.

A rocketship for automating lending decisions

The Modelshop team has been building analytic decision engines for decades and our platform enables us to help risk teams automate AI powered lending and risk decisions 10x faster than coding.

Connect to industry data

Modelshop has plugins for bureaus, open banking data and identity vendors to help assemble models quickly.

Create a custom variables

Every risk team has their unique view into credit decisions. Build new insights with no code tools.

Build AI guided decision logic

Use historic customer data to guide new decision logic using predictive modeling and offer optimization tools.

Click to deploy a decision API

Deploy as real-time API decision engines with a click, with built in decision monitoring and perforance tracking.

Advanced Risk Algorithms, without a PhD

Leverage alternate data, calculate cash flows and determine the ideal relationship decisions for your customers or members using no code AI.

Traditional Score & Segmentation

Probability of default prediction combined with ‘credit box’ segmentation across key ratios.

Risk-Weighted Cash Flows

Weighted ROA predictions based on cash flows, debt positions, likely default month and price point.

High Dimension Predictions

Advanced predictive analytics translated into explainable multidimensional segmentations.

Economic Impact Projections

Model risk based on collateral values, economic indicators and potential adverse events.

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Modelshop is proud to be a speaking at 2024 World Credit Union Conference

Monday, July 22, 2024 | 2:15pm - 3:15pm | Ballroom

Using AI to Create Centralized Member Decision Strategies That Deepen Member Relations

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