Decision modeling software that helps teams innovate
SchedulE DEmo

Transform your data, calculations, and business logic into online decision models.

Teams choose Modelshop to automate their operational and financial analysis. Spreadsheets no longer meet the needs of the modern enterprise and writing code in Python isn't the right answer for most analysts.  Replace your spreadsheets with online, automated decision models, no coding required.

Trust your data

Bring change to your organization, one model at a time

You know your business best: you’ve built custom calculations to meet your needs. Now pick a decision modeling software that supports that at scale. Your stakeholders will be impressed with what you can accomplish.

Better data, better decisions
Deliver analysis with a higher-level of accuracy. Unlike spreadsheets, build your analysis on a graph analytics engine that helps define data relationships and come up with answers, faster.

Automation out of the box
Increase your market agility by moving from prototype to production-grade model in mere days. Compress months of development to launch a new strategy.

Happier customers
Plug your analysis into external systems or publish your analysis to a web-based URL for internal customers. They’ll be happy with their experience and you’ll become their go-to to solve problems in the future.  


Solutions for all types of business

Choose model automation software that actually works for your team. Discover how teams use Modelshop to break down silos and achieve better outcomes.