Create Intelligent Applications for the Enterprise 10x Faster

Empower your team, raise productivity, speed deployment and reduce costs by automating analytics currently stranded in spreadsheets or custom code.

Analytic applications automate business logic and analytics currently performed in spreadsheets or custom code.

Perform data analysis in the cloud, enabling scale, collaboration and auditability across the enterprise.

Accelerate new solutions delivery by incorporating original data sources, while eliminating common inefficiencies such as stale data and repetition.

Provide far greater transparency than spreadsheets, with automated version control, model visibility and fine tuned permissioning.

Increase agility and collaboration between IT and business

Accelerate action and reduce IT backlogs with self-serve intelligent applications. Using Modelshop, analysts rapidly author, test and deploy updated strategies without relying on business requirements documents and custom deployment cycles. We seemlessly integrate with IT directed change control processes, ensuring integrity and auditability.

"Leveraging Modelshop's analytic application platform helped Blinker deliver an auto-lending experience that couldn't be achieved with traditional decisioning tools." - Adam Crossan, Blinker VP Originations

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