Lend to Customers who will Pay You Back

The financial behavior of your customers is changing and your credit models have to keep up. Get a better view on risk and opportunity with an AI credit engine.

Access More Customers

Find customers overlooked by the competition

Classic segmentation risk models are built on traditional assumptions on how individuals utilize credit. The next generation of potential customers do things differently, and by considering alternate data such as banking behavior lenders can attract more profitable customers with lower risk.

Eliminate Friction

Remove friction with smarter credit models

Competition in lending has accelerated with tech savvy new players. Providing a frictionless experience is essential to compete. Intelligent risk models can access alternate data sources to remove friction from the origination and servicing experience.

Increase Agility

Get to market faster with no code agility

Classic roles of risk teams, product owners and IT are changing and traditional barriers between these stakeholders need to be eliminated in order to innovate. By empowering risk and product teams to deliver new risk informed credit decisions without requiring a coding step, the business can be more agile as they adapt to emerging market needs.

Not sure where to start?

Our services team can help most lenders enhance their existing risk models with alternative data in just a few weeks with very little impact to your existing technology stack.

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