Serve members better with a modern credit decision engine

When credit unions consider a member’s entire financial situation, they can improve inclusion and deliver a more personalized experience.

Increase Inclusion

Access a more diverse member base

Classic segmentation risk models are built on traditional assumptions on how members utilize credit. The next generation of members do things differently, and your credit decisions need to consider their entire financial picture, including off-bureau relationships and banking behavior.

Credit Reports

Existing Member Data

Open Banking Data

Advanced Risk Modeling

Flexible Loan Structures

Personalized Credit Offers

Reduce Friction

Streamline member origination with AI

The average member age is currently 47. Credit unions interested in attracting new generations of members must make becoming a member frictionless. AI credit models can access alternate data sources and existing member data to remove friction from the origination, onboarding and servicing experience.

Increase Agility

Meet emerging member needs faster

Classic roles of risk teams, IT and member experience are changing and traditional barriers between these stakeholders are being eliminated. By empowering risk and credit teams to deliver improved member decisions without requiring a coding step, the business can be agile as they address emerging member needs.

The Modelshop Solution

Why Credit Unions Choose Modelshop

Modelshop helps credit unions acquire more qualified borrowers, reduce credit risk, increase portfolio performance and improve customer retention.

Access to richer data sources allow credit unions to confidently lend to a larger, more diverse member base.

With Modelshop, credit unions can target potential members customers more confidently, making their advertising and outreach efforts increasingly effective.

New data sources and flexible, AI informed decision policies help promote financial inclusion and equality in lending practices, ensuring fair access to loans for everyone.

Modelshop’s credit engine can identify accounts at risk earlier, allowing credit unions to manage to best outcome for stressed members.

Better loan portfolio risk modeling allows credit unions to lend more money, helping them grow and serve more members.

More precise credit models are easier to explain to executive teams and regulators. Modelshop traces all features that contribute to a credit decision and allows risk teams to manage model risk.

Proven Experience

The Modelshop team has been building credit decision engines for decades and our platform makes that experience available to all credit unions.
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Modelshop is dedicated to making AI technology accessible and manageable for credit unions of all sizes, enabling you to meet the demands of the modern financial landscape confidently and efficiently.

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