Built by the team that pioneered real-time credit

Leverage our 30+ years of FinTech experience and let us help you access the power of AI to make more targeted lending decisions.

Our Story

Modelshop is an AI decision engine designed by the team of experts that pioneered real-time credit decisions over 30 years ago.

Our clients have used Modelshop’s no-code platform to design and deploy new AI decision engines without having to rip and replace their existing technology stack. The result is improved lending outcomes, increased inclusion and better agility to innovate lending strategies.

We are passionate about helping banks, credit unions, private lenders and fintech partners to streamline and manage their entire customer lifecycle with one decision engine, allowing them to get ahead and stay ahead. Today, Modelshop proudly powers the risk and decision-making software for many of the world’s most innovative financial institutions and partners.

Our mission is to be a trusted strategic partner who helps our clients serve their customers for both consumer and commercial lending.

The Modelshop Difference

What sets us apart: Unprecedented flexibility

A customer’s first experience with a financial institution is often the lending origination process. It is also where the potential success of the customer relationship is determined. Making frictionless, accurate, inclusive and competitive lending decisions can determine the financial performance of a lender as well as define the customer’s relationship for years to come.

That is why decision technology must be flexible enough to capture the unique needs for each lender, without requiring expensive custom software development. ‘Out of box’ is something many financial institutions are striving for in order to reduce costs, but lending decisions simply can’t be vanilla and requires flexibility.

Modelshop’s industry leading no code decision engine is based on decades of experience building powerful data modeling, business rules and analytic technology for companies including FICO, HP, Oracle and Fiserv. We are the fastest and easiest way for lenders of all sizes to meet their unique credit and risk decision automation needs.

The Intersection of Models and Decisions

Do we build models or decision engines?

Our vision, after building hundreds of automated decision applications, is to eliminate the distinction between analytics (or models) and the decisions those analytics help automate. True AI infuses learning from historic performance into the building, testing and real-time execution of intelligent decisions. Classic analytic models are often thought of as ‘scores’ that influence decisions, but emerging AI decision models are much more sophisticated. Performing real-time risk weighted cash flow simulations, optimizing loan structures and reacting to new data in real-time are all part of next-generation decision engines and these decision tools are tightly infused with analytic models.

The Modelshop platform is a performance aware decision engine. We can integrate models from other vendors, models built in classic modeling tools and train new predictive and optimization models natively as part of the decision engine. 

Your Partner in Decision Automation

Let us deliver your customized decision engine

How you make customer origination decisions defines your DNA as a financial institution. Share your vision for leveraging data and analytics to make more personalized and performant real-time decisions and our team will make it real – faster and at a lower cost than you imagined possible.

Modelshop’s powerful data modeling, variable development and decision automation no code platform allows us to personalize each lender’s solution in record time, often for a fraction of the cost of internal development or other vendor’s customization costs. 

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