React faster to emerging fraud attacks

Augment existing anti-fraud tools with custom AI models that identify emerging patterns to interdict fraud.

Financial crime is evolving, are you ready?

The tools criminals use to commit crime continue to escalate in sophistication. Risk analysts need to deploy new strategies in hours, not weeks or months, if they expect to stay ahead of them. Modelshop enables teams to rapidly create anti-crime models and deploy them without coding.

Industry Plugins

Integrate anti-fraud data and models

Rapidly integrate best-of-breed anti-fraud data sources and models into a single, blended fraud prevention strategy

Unlimited Defense Flexibility

Deploy new fraud strategies in a snap

Modelshop’s powerful decision engine can access any data, including detailed identity and fraud reports, without coding skills.

Move faster than criminals

Move faster than criminals

The days of waiting weeks or months to deploy models to production are over. Skipping the coding step can accelerate new anti-crime strategy deployment from weeks to minutes.

Prefer to see Modelshop in action with your data?

Create a trial account and start building models based on our financial crime templates today.

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