No Code Mortgage Loan Decision Application

At a time when automation and big data are at an all time high, the speed with which you can manipulate and make decisions on data can be the difference between life and death for a business. At Modelshop, we provide businesses of all sizes with the tools they need to make automation and data decisioning as frictionless and easy as possible all within a no code environment. Our clients have the ability to not only analyze their data with our easy to use user interfaces, but also modify their data and data environment with ease and immediately see any changes flow through to the rest of the application in real time. 

To show how easy it is for Modelshop to automate your data decision making processes, we’ve put together a short video showing the steps required to build a simple, effective, and easy to use decision application for underwriting mortgage loan applications. Simple applications like this one can take less than a day for a Modelshop analyst to build, but allow users to reap the significant benefits that come with access to fully automated applications with fully integrated machine learning and REST APIs.

This demo is meant to show you some of the computational capabilities of Modelshop, while demonstrating how quick and easy it is to build a model from scratch. These capabilities can easily be adapted to solve whatever problem your business needs solved. Whether you need a simple credit decision making model or a large scale marketing tool, Modelshop has the best tools available to automate your decision making processes.

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Tom Tobin is the CEO of Modelshop. Modelshop provides a no-code platform and suite of lending models designed to accelerate automation of credit risk, origination and servicing decisions. Learn More.

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