Powerlytics & Modelshop Fireside Chat Session

Session Title: Demystifying the power of Alternative Data and its impact on Credit Decision Outcomes

Presenters: Don Chapman, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Powerlytics and Tom Tobin, Modelshop Founder & CEO

Session Description:

In today’s rapidly evolving financial landscape, traditional scoring methods alone are no longer sufficient. That’s why many FIs are pioneering the integration of new Alternative Data to provide deeper insights and smarter decision-making. By harnessing Alternative Data, we gain a comprehensive view of individuals and businesses beyond traditional credit histories. This enables us to uncover valuable insights, identify emerging trends, and make more informed decisions.

In this fire-side chat session, you’ll learn how Alternative Data allows FI’s risk and credit teams to assess risk with greater accuracy and granularity. By analyzing a diverse range of data points, we can identify potential risks early on and proactively mitigate them. With richer data at your disposal, your team can make smarter, more nuanced credit decisions. This leads to better outcomes for both your customers and your institution, fostering a healthier and more resilient financial ecosystem.

Picture of Don Chapman, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Powerlytics

Don Chapman, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Powerlytics

Don Chapman joined Powerlytics in 2020 as Head of Strategic Partnerships. Don is focused on partnering with consulting firms, platforms, data providers and others to leverage Powerlytics data and solutions to deliver value to the banking, insurance, wealth management, and digital advertising sectors. Don brings over 25 years of senior marketing, business development, and sales experience in the financial services, technology, and consumer goods industries. Prior to joining Powerlytics, Don served as VP of Marketing for internet services company Verisign where he was responsible for the company’s global marketing efforts.

Prior to that, Don spent 18 years with Capital One and American Express where he served in a range of marketing and partner-facing roles including building and managing co-branded card partnerships with JetBlue, Sony, and Fidelity.

Picture of Tom Tobin, Founder & CEO, Modelshop

Tom Tobin, Founder & CEO, Modelshop

Tom Tobin is a technologist and a financial industry veteran who has been building analytic decision platforms in the credit and fraud risk space for over 35 years. In 2015, he founded Modelshop with a vision of democratizing access to AI powered decision engines for financial institutions, regardless of their size. Modelshop’s no-code, AI decision platform has been used by clients to design, deploy and monitor AI engines that add intelligent automation to existing tech-stacks.

Prior to Modelshop, Tom served in technology and business leadership roles at FICO, HP, Oracle and Fiserv helping create solutions that have produced over a billion in revenue for those organizations. Today, under Tom's leadership, Modelshop proudly powers AI decision automation solutions for some of the world’s most innovative financial institutions, credit unions and technology partners.

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Tom Tobin is the CEO of Modelshop. Modelshop provides a no-code platform and suite of lending models designed to accelerate automation of credit risk, origination and servicing decisions. Learn More.

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