We Make Impacts Where it Matters... Credit Risk and Pricing Cash Flow Risk Modeling ID & Income Verification Personalized Offers Servicing & Collection Member Marketing Portfolio Performance

Unmatchable Value and Result

Modelshop is built on an architecture that enables it to be integrated/interfaced with any partner system developed on any technology platform including Legacy & ERP applications. At the end of the day, being a tech-stack agnostic enables us to offer a comprehensive view of the customer lifecycle backed by alternative Data, Robust Analytics and Propriety AI Risk Engine that ultimately reveals responsible personalized lending products for your customers.

We can create robust risk informed credit decision models in less than six weeks, with instant deployment to APIs, or DIY.

  • Test, deploy, and improve your risk models
  • Identify high risk customers early
  • Accurately forecast credit risk
  • Improve credit decisions for “Underserved”
  • Accelerate your lending models
  • Minimize delinquencies and losses
  • Establish financial Inclusion & Equality in lending practices
  • Improve targeting and Prospect with confidence
  • Minimize risk and losses
  • Ability to lend more and grows credit revenue
  • Ability to lend more and grows credit revenue
  • Expands market share in the alternative lending space
  • Security compliant with federal and industry standards
  • Create “BANKABLE” and “SMART” customer base

Accurately qualify more borrowers & manage risk with a personalized AI technology

Since we’ve started Modelshop over a decade ago, our #1 priority has always been to support our clients with their specific risk, credit decision,  and performance modeling, while enabling the delivery of consumer and small business lending solutions that utilize a new paradigm in AI technology. We know how to use new alternative data, predictive analytics, and AI automation tools to help variety of financial institutions.

Increase approvals without increasing risk

The Impact We Make for Our Clients

All risk models use predictive analytics, they have for decades. What makes an AI Risk Engines different is the ability to deploy intelligence at the point of making a risk decision. Traditional risk models score and segment, an AI Risk Engine optimizes each decision using data, analytics and real-time logic to present the best personalized offer at the right time.

Modelshop also helps to improve and speed up their risk models, making them more effective in deciding who should get a loan. It also makes developing lending models quicker and easier.

Modelshop can find customers who might be risky early on, helping banks take action before any issues get bigger.
Banks using Modelshop can predict if there might be problems with loans, making sure they make good decisions. It also helps make fair decisions, especially for people who might have had trouble getting loans before.
Modelshop helps establish financial inclusion and equality in lending practices, ensuring fair access to loans for everyone.
With Modelshop, credit unions can target and find potential customers more confidently, making their advertising and outreach efforts work better.
Modelshop lets credit unions lend more money, helping them grow and reach a broader audience.
Modelshop adheres to security standards set by federal and industry regulations, ensuring a secure and compliant environment.
Modelshop helps credit unions build a member base that understands and responds well via intelligent AI technology. This ensures that the right people get loans, managing risk more effectively.

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For over a decade, Modelshop has empowered financial institutions to automate credit policies, personalized price offers, and deliver a frictionless origination experience without rip or replace. We’re confident we can do the same for your team and help you maintain a competitive advantage with our AI Risk Engine.
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